Volcanoes and wine

Volcanoes and wine - MecamarcAn original way to grow vines

All over the world we can find different ways to grow vines through ancestral, agricultural or industrial methods.

For example, in Portugal, José Rosa, a world-renowned winemaker, plants his vines on lava soil by cracking the rock to be able to plant in the ground.

A lava soil which brings many advantages, the volcanic rocks being able to retain certain elements such as micro-fungi or other parasites. They restructure the soil and bring balance to the land.The wine produced, born from a soil of volcanic origin, is therefore called volcanic wine. This type of vineyard can be found all over the world, in Europe, especially Greece, the Canary Islands, etc. There was a time when planting vines on volcanic soil was a sign of danger, as the volcano could erupt and devastate the vines, the grape varieties, and human lives. Today, the demand for volcanic wine is increasing, as the soil is an excellent addition to the wine.

You can find some volcanic wines at retailers, specialised wineries, on the internet, or directly from the producers.