The Vitivini and Mecamarc

Mecamarc took part in the Vitivini exhibition on October 11, 12, 13 and 14.

We look back on the event after 4 intense days:

At the center of attention on the Mecamarc stand this year: the pre-swaging system.

The pre-setting step is important in the crimping operation because it affects not only the appearance of your cap, but also the quality and the look of your container. It should be noted that a poorly done pre-seaming will result in deformations later on in your entire crimping. Mecamarc puts an end to any miscrimping by offering a precrimping and centering system for the cap. This system solves the various difficulties linked to the installation of caps, i.e. the instability of the installation and therefore the irregularity of the bottles.

The Vitivini and Mecamarc - Mecamarc