L’étiquette, un puissant outil marketing

The quality of your label: a determining element

The quality of your label is essential and its positioning on your containers is primordial: well stuck (without bubbles, without folds, straight, aligned…), it is an asset for your product. This quality depends on the thickness, the size, the material of the support (paper, polypro…).
All these variables of adhesion also allow to avoid that the label is torn, torn off or peeled off. If a problem occurs during the labeling of the bottles, the product will have to be re-labeled to prevent it from being ineligible for sale. Conclusion, loss of time and/or money

L’étiquette, un puissant outil marketing - Mecamarc


This label is practical and suitable for many surfaces.
It can be applied with a labelling machine (manual, semi-automatic or automatic) and save you precious time. Lately, printers have designed washable adhesives that allow easy recovery of containers and adapt to a growing context of sustainable development (removal without residue).

The label, first contact with your customers.

When making a purchase, customers tend to refer to their primitive senses (touch, hearing, smell, sight and taste). At the market, hearing, sight and smell are in the spotlight. In supermarkets or specialized stores, the customer only has sight. Hearing is blurred by sound interference, smell does not work (packaged products) and touch is limited. As for taste, it is sometimes difficult to taste before buying…

It is therefore of paramount importance that your labels are impeccably stuck: without folds, without bubbles, centered, balanced ratio between the label and the back label… At a glance, the consumer sees a whole that will motivate him to take your product, rather than your competitors’. In other words, your label is your greatest asset in marketing your products. Working on your labels is above all working on your image. Don’t forget that the label is the second most important sales trigger after the price.

L’étiquette, un puissant outil marketing - Mecamarc

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